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Although we see in the telling direction do want to renew Jackson, but still have insider leaks said the eagle also listens to about Jackson's deal. Last season, Jackson in his own camp has said he hopes to have a new contract,Cheap jersey wholesale but last season Jackson only 600000 dollars a year, then he himself admits because the contract on distractions made him in a game of the second half of the season even more slack and not a very good performance. Last season only four times in total Jackson ball of array and not a return to play by abandon run array, this is his four years for the first time in his career appear such circumstance. At the age of 25 Jackson once is the league's most energetic team one of the core.His 2009 season as the first in the history of the NFL at the same time as the attack took over and back to hand in professional bowl of the all-star game player,Jerseys wholesale 09 and 10 season he has finished 110 times catch and 2223 yards of code number and 15 times catch of array, at the same time, the two season he has two more time blunt the ball up to three times and pick up abandoned battle play back to run of array, in his career he has a total of 13 times more than 60 yards and up the array. By using the privilege in after the label, Jackson will get the league's top five took over the salary of the average salary, and last year the eagle team for quarterback Michael Vick (Michael Vick) use the privilege label, then completed a for up to six years totaled $100 million of the new contract.
In addition, according to people familiar with the Steelers Pittsburgh team will not for their restricted free agent Mike Wallace (Mike Wallace) use privilege label, this means that the other team can try a quotation for Wallace, Steelers team can choose matching contract, or lost Wallace in exchange for a first-round draft picks. At present the Wallace earn $2.5 million,New York Giants Jerseys almost any team to be able to withstand the yearly salary, and if Steelers choose words will pay privilege label Wallace $9.4 million annual salary, obviously Steelers team is not that plenty of cap space.

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